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Coming soon official announcement De Solyun Devs. Wait for news.

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Airdrop Round 2 Started

Launch Airdrop Round 2 Bonus tokens

🔎 Project Solyun Devs
💸 Token Value : 1$ SOL = 1.0 Token
⏳ Pre Sale earn 350% a 550% BONUS — BUY 0.02 BNB Earn 5333.33 …

One of the biggest problems for exchange users is the delayed withdrawals for bank accounts and the extreme bureaucracy involving this, people are tired of the government suffocating them and pretenses them for which money belongs to them.

we came to try to solve this issue of exchanges and withdrawals, and try to solve the problems of the banking network, creating a decentralized network and connecting the exchanges directly, so all withdrawals and shipments and exchanges will be processed almost instantly.

This is just a preview of what we are capable of creating, a new way for you to use what is yours

After seeing and realizing that the exchanges were not complete enough and hearing several people complaining because one had one thing and another not, I decided to write in a paper as it should be a complete exchange but we could send money from one to another of a It was easier, so I wrote some lines at least 20 lines at least as Solyun would, of those 20 lines turned over 30 pages. https://solyun.io , official launch on March 10, 2018. We are happy with this mega project, which took more than 6 months of hard work. complete materials available for downloads beginning April 5



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